Rochester International Airport

Airport Code RST

Rochester Airport


In accordance with Transportation Security Administration regulations and directives, all individuals who require unescorted access onto any secured portion of Rochester International Airport are required to be in possession of an airport issued identification and access badge.

Identification and access badges can be obtained by performing the following steps:

1. Download the RST Badge Application – PDF (Instructions – PDF click HERE) or the RST Badge Renewal Form – PDF.
2. Submit the completed application, along with either 1) a US Passport OR 2) A driver’s license and a) social security card or b) birth certificate, to the Airport Operations office. The Airport Operations office is located adjacent to the Air Traffic Control Tower, directly north of the passenger terminal. Enter the Airport Operations office through the large, glass entry.
3. With the exception of t-hangar and privately owned hangar tenants, you are required to have the “Authorized Signer Information” of the application prior to submitting your application to Airport Operations. Any application that does not contain Authorized Signer information will not be processed.
4. Once the results of any Criminal History Records Check (for Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge) or Security Threat Assessment (for Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) badge) are received Airport Administration will contact you to schedule a training date and time.
5. Once training is completed you will receive your RST issued airport identification and access badge.

*If you require a SIDA badge you must schedule a date and time to be fingerprinted prior to submitting your badge application. Please schedule fingerprinting by calling Tiana Rossow at (507) 282-2328. Walk-in fingerprinting will not be conducted.

All airport issued identification media expire every 2 years. Approximately 2-3 months prior to the expiration date you will receive a notice to renew. Once you receive this notice you will need to download the RST Badge Renewal (found here) and submit to airport operations. You do not have to attend training again for the renewal process.

If you have any questions concerning the ID badging process please contact Brian Thompson, Airport Operations Manager, at (507) 282-2328 extension 104 or Tiana Rossow, Administrative Assistant, at (507) 282-2328.

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