Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota is a non-profit research and integrated medical practice group. It is considered to be the biggest in the world as it employs over 3,800 doctors and scientists and other over 50,000 staff doing allied health services. All set to celebrate 150 years of caring for patients, the Mayo Clinic is widely known for providing specialized tertiary care to difficult cases as it spends over half a billion dollars on research.

Thousands of patients come to Minnesota just to be treated in Mayo Clinic. It is not a wonder that the Mayo Clinic has always been voted as one of the best Hospitals for more than 20 years now. It has remained true to its vision of giving hope and providing only the best patient care thus contributing to their health and well being through education, research, and integrated medical practice.

Patients come in for evaluation and treatment as outpatients. After their consultation, tests, treatments and evaluation are completed in the clinic, they will have to go home or go back to their temporary lodgings. If they have to be confined for further treatment, they will be referred to the Mayo Clinic Hospital or other Mayo-affiliated hospitals found downtown.