Baggage Rules

Most major airlines allow one checked bag and one carry-on bag per passenger. They typically charge fees for additional bags. All items are subject to size and weight restrictions as well. Because rules can vary by airline and even by flight, check with your carrier for specific guidelines.

Handicap Access

All areas of the airport are handicap accessible, and skycaps and airline personnel are available for assistance. Passengers and their bags can be dropped off and picked up in front of the terminal. For assistance connecting between flights, contact your airline.

Lost and Found

To locate items left at security checkpoints, contact the Transportation Security Administration. For any item left on an aircraft or in a gate area, please check with your airline. For items left in all other areas of the airport, please contact the Airport Administration at (507) 282-2328.

Meeting Someone

Normally only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond security, so plan to meet in the baggage claim area or elsewhere in the terminal away from the gates. Check with your airline for exceptions.

Security Issues

For issues related to security or time-saving tips to navigate the airport, visit the Transportation Security Administration at http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm or call them at (866) 289-9673.


In accordance with State law, smoking is only permitted outside of the terminal. In addition, all smokers must remain at a distance of 15 feet or greater from all entrance locations while smoking.

Wait Times

Most carriers recommend that passengers arrive 90 minutes before their flights, although actual wait times vary by carrier and time of day, so check with your airline.

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