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Rochester International Airport (RST) is embarking on a major update to the key airport guiding document, the Airport Master Plan. The Plan is already underway, the first phase of which is complete. Phase I included the identification of existing conditions, the environmental setting, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved forecast of aviation demand for the 20-year planning period. Phase II will complete the study and define the needs, alternatives, implementation plan, and documentation for the same 20-year period. An additional element will provide an assessment of the Airport’s economic impact to the region.

The Airport Master Plan Update is sponsored by the City of Rochester and funded by the Airport in conjunction with grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Minnesota DOT (MN/DOT) Office of Aeronautics. The Consulting Team is comprised of Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc., who will manage the project, along with the Rochester-based McGhie and Betts Transportation Services Inc.

As part of the public coordination process, two committees have been formed to provide input and guide the Airport and Consultant Team during the project. In addition, at least two public workshops will be held to inform the community about the project and to receive input at key decision points. The two advisory committess, each with a composition that provides different perspectives from the various groups the members represent will meet periodically over the next year.

There is a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) that is comprised of representatives of various policy setting and governmental entities in the local area. The PAC will provide the Master Plan Team with guidance on visioning and will report back to their various constituencies regarding the activities of the committee and the key issues addressed in the master plan update project. There is also a Technical Advisory committee (TAC) that is comprised of members who have specific relevant technical knowledge, experience regarding the Airport, and/or experience in the planning process. This includes planning staff from the City of Rochester/Olmsted County, other surrounding jurisdictions and commissions, Mn/DOT Aeronautics, Federal Aviation Administration, as well as representative airport tenants, users, and stakeholders. The TAC will provide to the Airport and Consulting Team valuable guidance on technical matters and provide access to useful data, including critical information regarding how the Airport’s plans interrelate with other long range planning initiatives.

Please visit this page periodically to keep abreast of the progress and to offer comments on this key planning project at RST.

The general format of the airport master plan, and the procedures used to reach its final goals, are detailed in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-6 (current version).

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