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In 1991, the Federal Aviation Administration began allowing airport to levy a Passenger Facility Charge of $3.00 per passenger boarding an airplane to assist in funding specific capital improvements at the individual airport imposing this charge. Rochester International Airport waited until 1996 before determining that this additional source of revenue was needed for planned airport improvements. In 2002, this amount was increased to $4.50 per enplaned passenger in accordance with a revision to the federal regulation. This level of collection will remain the same for this PFC application.

These funds have paid the local share of such major improvements as: renovation and expansion of the public passenger terminal, security upgrades, safety equipment purchases and snow removal equipment purchases.

It is the airport’s intent to submit a new application to recover the local costs of the projects detailed below. To the maximum extent possible, PFC’s are being used to restore the local funds which allow for the continued development of the airport. In addition, the airport is looking to fund a remodeling project of the public passenger terminal to include new carpet, new seating and remodeling the ticket counters for the airlines. The airport deems these projects very important to economic growth of the City of Rochester and the surrounding communities.

The airport will continue to exempt operators of non-scheduled air taxis and small charter aircraft from collecting a PFC. These categories of operators would be difficult and costly to monitor and represent less than 1% of the total airport enplanements.

It is anticipated that this application will be effective August 1, 2010 or concurrent with expiration of the existing collection authority. It is anticipated that this new collection authority will expire on November 1, 2014. The total amount of collection authority requested under this application is $3,315,298.63.

A summary of all projects included in this application are included. If you have any questions regarding this program, or would like to comment on it, please click the contact button below.

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